Pinpoint business bottlenecks from customers' voices

Customer Intelligence & Customer Satisfaction Management Software to transform Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights

A Comprehensive Solution to

  • Performance Analysis
  • Loyalty Analysis
  • Location Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Other solutions (Track, Engage & Compete)


  • Retail
  • Restaurants/Franchises
  • Hotels
  • Banking
  • Marketing Agencies


Performance Analysis

Transform customer experiences into performance insights for your business

  • Identify key performance areas for your business directly from real time customer experiences
  • Know repetitive experiences from customers before they affect your business and future customers
  • Analyze your business's excellence or improvement areas to make more happy, satisfied and loyal customers

Location Analysis

Analyze problems at each franchise, store, and property or business location level

  • Get an eagle eye performance view of all your business locations
  • Know growing concerns at particular locations and act on them
  • Dive into each location to analyze what is working and what not

Competitive Analysis

Benchmark your performance against your top competitors

  • Dig into competitive insights to benchmark your performance
  • Know what is bringing more loyal customers for your competitors, do loyalty comparison against them
  • Drill down to more location level competitive insights at your franchise, store or property

Loyalty Analysis

Analyze customer segmentation by loyalty metrics

  • View loyalty based customer segregation - promoters, detractors and passive customers
  • Identify your loyal and non-loyal customers
  • Analyze loyalty pattern for your business over time and act to make more happy and loyal customers
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