Solving Problems to Retain Customers

Your Business Problem

(Customer Churn/Leakage & Lost Revenue)

Business Problem
  • Operational bottlenecks causing 30% to 40% avg. churn from new customers
  • Significant impact on revenues from simple churn reasons
  • Spending 3-5 times to acquire a new customer
  • Daunting task of improving performance across multiple business locations

Our Solution

(Retain Customers & Increase Revenues)

Our Solution
  • Reduce churn and increase customer retention
  • Find/Fix bottlenecks causing churn & increase revenues
  • Pinpoint locations having issues leading to churn


Voice of Customers

Voice of Customer is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform to collect customer feedback from various online & offline customer feedback channels and transforms them into actionable insights. Leveraging our text and sentiment analysis engine, the product processes customer experiences to reveal many of the otherwise ignored key operational and quality parameters.

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Competitive Intelligence

Our Competitive Intelligence product presents you with many competitive insights by analyzing your competitors’ customer voices from social media to help you in staying ahead of your top competitors.

Apart from listening to their customers’ experiences, you can also gain competitive advantage by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses against key quality performance indicators.

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In Store Feedback

An advanced survey product to analyze your customers' satisfaction level towards critical parameters you would like to measure by running a tailor-made survey for your customers.

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